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Lore is a revolutionary learning interface that combines audio, mobile and analytics to transform the way students learn.

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For students

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Screen free learning

Audible course packs let you learn on the go. Go for a walk, hit the gym, get fresh air. Lore is with you along the way.

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Learn, your way.

Choose to study with audio, text or both. Lore adapts to your learning style.

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In it together

Share highlights, comments, reviews and progress with your classmates.

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A one-stop-shop for learning

All your materials organized in one place. Fast, convenient, stress-free.

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Analize. Track. Improve.

Our personalized coach optimizes your workload and guides you through assignments and deadlines.

For faculty

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Improve completion, retention and engagement

Our technology helps students complete their readings on time, while reducing screen time and increasing engagement.

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Hear back from your students

Learn how your students react to your course materials and gain access to powerful data* that helps you iterate your academic content.

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Track progress and engagement

Get insights of your course on-time completion rate, workload metrics and engagement stats.*

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Enrich the classroom experience

Higher reading completion rates will give way to more enriching class discussions improving the learning experience.

*Lore is FERPA compliant. We track aggregate and anonymized data and do not share it with third parties.

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